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PTSD Hurts. Art Heals.

Our Teaching Artists engage the power of creativity to help transform lives.

"Crossing Point Arts has transcended the way that we relate to healing.  Survivors have found refuge in the many creative strengths of the teaching artists by engaging in unique ways of expression.  The workshops are not only healing but challenging, safe, and empowering.  They offer space to build resiliency and never fail to allow survivors to take the lead.  I've seen the organization display confidence and also gentleness that's rare to find and I've watched clients thrive within the space because of their humility.  I'm always thankful for the work they do."

Lira Kim

Pathways to Healing - Specialist


Crossing Point Arts

has reached well over 6500 survivors of trafficking in the NYC metro area since 2013, with hundreds of workshops in music, dance, visual arts, drama, poetry, spoken word and song creation.
Our trained, trauma-informed Teaching Artists hold participatory workshops in NYC area anti-trafficking agencies where international and domestic survivors of labor and sex trafficking receive services, as they work to rebuild their lives.

Therapeutic tools gained through creative expression provide powerful long-term coping strategies to manage PTSD.


Children and adult survivors are able to release trauma and reclaim their once-silenced voice.

Our Focus
is to rethink the role of the arts in lives that are so often overlooked. With an estimated 45 million enslaved people, we are taking a position on this issue by showing up with our hearts, and our art.

Creative engagement - no matter which art form - has the capacity of reaching into the sensory world and provide a connection with the pre-verbal parts of the self where often trauma lives.


Our work is just as important as other interventions on behalf of survivors, and is recognized by our anti-trafficking partner agencies for its effectiveness. Finding inner liberation through the arts supports the path to a life on the other side of trauma through profound self-validation, and helps survivors to assume an honored place in the world.


Our Understanding
is that the arts hold unique qualities that are both deeply humane & intrinsically healing. Throughout history people

have reached to creativity to transcend the circumstances

of enslavement.

Not only does the experience

of creative expression work to lighten the burden of the

survivor’s individual history,

but sharing in community &

working collaboratively helps

in the process of feeling

connected to a collective


Our work honors the experi-

ence of survivors while

helping them to form a new chapter in their lives.

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