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Indian Classical Singing Workshop 

is a journey unto itself, as Falu brings to life the meaning of song in the rich culture and history of India.  The melodies that are taught correspond to a specific time of day, color, and feeling tone.  This workshop is an ancient vocal voyage that participants dive into eagerly in their exploration of new creative worlds led with voice and harmonium - call & response singing - percussion and Bollywood Dance!  

We’ve offered over 1000 workshops since 2013 in a vast array of culturally inspired formats of music, dance, visual arts, drama, poetry and song creation - each a dynamic force to spark survivor's healing.  We expand survivors’ worlds through deep creative connection! 

Be YourSelf by J. 11/14

vocals created in GEMS workshop - "The Recording Project"

We Believe We Are Strong by International Clients of Polaris Project 5/13

vocals created in Polaris workshop - "The Recording Project"

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