Be YourSelf    by J.    11/14                                                                            We Believe We Are Strong     by international clients of Polaris Project  5/13

(vocals created in GEMS workshop ~ "The Recording Project ")                                        vocals created in Polaris Project  workshop ~ "The Recording Project")  

Its okay to be unique today  

You don't have to follow the status quo of the world today

Today I feel like I can walk with my head held high

Other days I feel like I stuck in box called life.

Being unique is allowed

Being unique today is allowed

Pain is what makes you strong

Being unique is different,

It hurts sometimes but it's healthy

Being unique is ok today, whoa-ooo


Being unique is allowed

Being unique is healthy

Today you can be yourself


Put a smile on your face when you feel like you're giving up             from Painting Workshop:  Lifeway Network ( Bronx, NY)

Don't take it out on the world

Cause it ain't its fault, it's a part of life.

Don't give up on your dreams when you

feel like you can't do nothing

Just look to the skies and he'll help you out.


You're gonna fall, so just hold on                                     

You're gonna fall, it's ok  Just get back up and try again,      

Cause being unique is who we're supposed to be

We're individuals for a reason, and I love you all,

So don't give up.

Being unique is allowed

Cause it makes you look like the

angels that you are

So be unique.


Don't give up, just keep going, it's gonna be rough

Don't let them push you down

Don't let them step on you

All you have to do is fight this fight





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