Survivor's Words

Crossing Point Arts: Bringing the Arts to Survivors of Human Trafficking
~ in the words of human trafficking survivors (workshop participants)

“I am possible.”

                              S. (from NYC) Survivor of CSEC (commercial sexual exploitation of children)

“I’ve been working with Freedom Made It as of Spring 2019, after finding Crossing Point Arts online. It has been a blessing. I find that I am more able to think of myself as someone with gifts to offer. I am growing less ashamed of my past. I used to feel like I could not have options, because of where I come from. Now I know I am not alone and I feel like I have purpose in my life. I now have a job supporting people with disabilities. I make art, and share that art. I feel hope, and feel like my life is as important as anyone else’s. Thank you,  Crossing Point Arts and Freedom Made It for helping me grow.”

                            R. (from NYS) Survivor of sex trafficking

“Music makes me feel well. Otherwise I cry all the time and feel I am in a crisis. When I do music, I never cry. It makes me forget the loss and pain. The music workshops make me feel happy, and I can go on!”

                            C. (from Cameroon) Survivor of sex trafficking and torture

“Dancing in the workshop brings me encouragement and positivity and makes me want to fight for what I want, stay focussed and continue on the path I choose.”

                             T. (from USA) Survivor of CSEC 

“I am so happy to be validated by my poetry in the workshop.”

                             L. (from USA) Survivor of CSEC

“The music makes the pain in my shoulders less. I feel like a weight is lifted off me.”

                             T. (from USA) Survivor of CSEC

“I felt bad before I started, and pushed myself to come to the workshop...and now I feel really good. This hour was at least as good as time spent talking to a therapist. This makes me feel so good!"

                            Q. (from USA) Survivor of sex trafficking

"I love putting myself into this place with color and focus."

                            H. (from Pakistan) Survivor of sex trafficking

"Let's do art again and again. This felt great!"

                            T. (from India) Survivor of sex trafficking

“Every time I start getting into some new thing I love, the teacher just disappears, and the thing ends. I love that the drum classes are going on and on!”

                             A. (from NYC) Survivor of CSEC